PA Model Maker is renowned for his outstanding handcrafted wooden models of vehicles. Large-scale model trucks are proudly displayed in the corporate headquarters of many haulage companies while children all over delight in owning a toy truck or truck/money box.

From simple flatbed trucks to tractors, tipper trucks to the most up-to-date haulage vehicles, almost every size and model of truck and an industrial vehicle can be created as a perfect scale model. Using only the best quality woods, models are built exactly to scale, come in a variety of sizes and have a natural wood finish suitable for painting or varnishing.

As an additional service, all 1:32 models may be upgraded to “Premier class”, whereby details such as mirrors, steering wheel (please indicate left or right-hand drive) marked tires and cab-side air deflectors are added, for an extra cost of only £3 – £5 depending on the type of model. All models shown on this page are “Premier Class” and are suitable for adults or older children.













People often ask “How do you make a model?”

The answer, of course, is to take a slice of a tree and cut away all the bits that don’t look like a truck!

Models of the following vehicles are available:

Aveling Barford, Daf, Dennison, Erf, Foden, Ginaf, Iveco, Lectra Haul, Le Tourneau, Liebherr, Man, Neoplan, O&K, Oaf, Pegaso, Seddon Atkinson, Terberg, Terex, Scania, Volvo.

If you are not able to find the model you desire, why not contact us to arrange a specially commissioned model. Models can be built with virtually any combination of make, model, badge, chassis layout, body type, cab type and optional extras. If you would like a model of an existing truck which is not mentioned, please send as many details as possible, including photographs, so that an accurate model can be made.