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All of our Thimble Racks and Spoon Racks are now available in either a Mahogany Finish or Pine Finish.

Display Racks - Spoon Racks and Thimble Racks





 1. The Problem.

  Have you got spoons just lying around?










 2. The Answer.

  One of our huge range of display racks.





 3. The Solution.

  All of your spoons beautifully displayed

  for everyone to see.




1. The Problem.

 Have you got thimbles just lying




2. The Answer.

 One of our huge range of display racks.


3. The Solution.

 All of your thimbles beautifully

 displayed for everyone to see.


Would you like to buy your Spoon Racks and Thimble Racks direct from the U.K. manufacturer?


Well - now you can! We carry our entire range in stock, so orders are usually sent out within 2 working days, or sometimes even the same day. We at Anderson Family Crafts have been making Thimble racks and Spoon Racks for more than 30 years. If you have a UK made Thimble Rack or Spoon Rack - chances are it's one of ours! Click the 'buy now' button below to view our online shop.

Buy thimble racks and spoon racks online


For all of our regular range plus discontinued racks and 2nds  @ 50% off

visit our ebay shop.

Ebay Shop


The following are a small selection of the thimble and spoon racks available to buy online. All racks are available in mahogany or pine finish, be sure to check out our online store for more information on the display racks including prices, shapes and sizes.


Thimble Racks

Mahogany Thimble Racks

Pine Thimble racks


Spoon Racks

Mahogany Spoon Racks

Pine Spoon Racks



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