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About Paul Anderson

People often ask me regarding one of my big models "where do you start with somrthing like that?" I usually reply " with a camera and tape measure and a visit to see the real one". But a better answer might be " you start about 20 years ago". Whilst still at school I was building model trucks just for myself as I could never find models of the trucks I was interested in. Even during 'O levels' I was building when everyone else was studying ( I do have 'O levels' but the only one I have used since leaving school is Tech Drawing ). I would occasionally sell a model if someone wanted to buy it, and then about 10 years ago I started doing the modelmaking as a part-time business whilst still working in the family business ( Anderson Family Crafts which I now jointly own with my Dad ). Demand reached a point where in March 2000 I went full-time. I used to attend lots of craft fairs and other show to sell and promote the business but now I only attend a few shows per year, mainly due to cost and lack of time.

I am sometimes asked "where do you advertise?" Well I don't! Apart from doing a few shows, most of my business comes from repeat orders (someone that has got 1 model and keeps coming back for another and another...) For example: I have a customer who likes tractors, he has just got his 6th model in 6 years and he is already planning what he wants next. I have another customer who likes the 1:16th scale hardwood trucks, he already has 4 of them and is planning the next one, he also has a number of the smaller 1:32nd scale trucks.

Spare time? Well I am a keen cyclist in the local cycling club. I do road races at club level ( have won a few over the 15 years in the club ) and I do mountain biking at national level with some success. N. Ireland Masters Cross Country Champion 2005, and 2006. I also bake cookies (and other things). At the mountain bike races now people ask me "did you bring any cookies with you" (and they are terribly dissapointed if I haven't got any). Read our blog for more information.

Paul Anderson

Yes, thats me with one of my Threshers

With Thanks

There are photos of 2 girls on this website. They are there to show the size of the models ( hard

to tell when you have nothing to compare it to ). The photos are used with the permission and approval of their parents. Thanks.

Current Major Projects

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